How Endorphins And Oxytocins Are Good For You


Feeling down? Endorphins and oxytocins could be just the mood boost you need! Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocins, otherwise referred to as the ‘happy hormones’ all help to promote a feed-good mood whilst reducing anxiety and depression. But, how exactly do they work?

Below, we’ve explained more about endorphins and oxytocin in particular and how to boost them the next time you’re feeling a little bit low.


Starting with endorphins, the better known hormone of the two. Endorphins are released into your body when you experience stress or pain and amidst pleasurable activities which may include during exercise, a massage, or eating. There are several ways you can naturally boost your endorphins, including by exercising or laughing. Not to mention taking the time to meditate, getting acupuncture or - you guessed it - having sex to increase your heart rate.


Oxytocins are another feel good chemical (or hormone) that’s are released during sex, creating further feelings of intimacy between you and your significant other. Much like endorphins, oxytocins can also provide anti-stress effects, helping to lower blood pressure, increase pain thresholds and promote further healing. Boosting the oxytocins or ‘love hormones’ in your body can be done through something as simple as touching your partner through a cuddle, hug or stroking. Alternatively, why not consider using one of many fetish sex toys to boost the mood?

Why Are Endorphins And Oxytocins Good For You?

Of course, there are further benefits of endorphins and oxytocins to the body. In addition to their mood-boosting abilities, the two can reduce discomfort and improve your sense of well-being which can lead to living a healthier, longer life. Primarily, this is because those with a higher sense of well-being are considered less at risk of illness such as disease and injury and have the ability to recover quicker. From a health perspective, this means that your body is much quicker at adapting to stress and pressure and is more efficient at restoring lost energy.

Things You Can Try Now

Regardless of why you want to increase your endorphins and oxytocins, you can do so without even having to get up from the comfort of your sofa. Simple, quick ways to give your body a boost may include:

  • Listening to your favourite song or soundtrack
  • Turning on a comedy show
  • Eating dark chocolate with a minimum 70% cocoa
  • Consuming spicy food
  • Watching a drama on TV
  • Drinking red wine

So, there you have it! Endorphins and oxytocins are both incredibly important to the body, inducing a feel-good mood that helps to promote greater, long-lasting happiness. Let us know which simple activities you try to boost yours!

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