Secret Foreplay Ideas to Drive Your Male Partner Wild


If you are meeting a male escort for the first time and don’t know how to drive him wild then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn the secret foreplay ideas that will not only drive him wild. But also, you will be able to learn other amazing tips to pamper Independent Male Escort in the bed! Along with the tips, it is also required to select a suitable male companion then only, both of you will be able to experience the best sexual moments with each other.

Top secret tips to drive the male escort wild in the bed;

  • Naughty texts: If both of you are in contact before directly meeting face-to-face then you can try this tip. You can talk with each other via message and try to send him some naughty texts. It would help both of you to know more about each other and thus, none of you will feel uncomfortable while meeting. Not only women but men also love to enjoy foreplay so, it would be good to provide him some pamper and you can start doing it with the help of some naughty texts. But make sure to show some respect while sending any messages to him so that, he can feel happy while connecting with you!
  • Sex toys: You might not find it suitable at first but trust me, sex toys are the best things for spicing things, especially with a male escort. Using sex toys will help both of you to know more about each other and thus, you can be more comfortable with him. You can easily buy any sex toy online but make sure to purchase it of good quality only. There are many toys available in the market such as vibrators, cock rings, dildos, anal toys, and many more; it would help both of you in enhancing sexual pleasure. Also, this is the best thing to do to make him feel crazy in the bedroom.
  • Try to tease him: You have the complete power to make him beg in the bed but only, when you know the right tips and techniques. If you have already sent him the dirty texts before the meeting then it has somewhere already driven him. Now, it is the time to drive him wild again but now, you need to do it by teasing him. You need to tease him in the most sensitive way and keep the game on and off so that, he can feel more attracted towards you.
  • Blowjob: If you are comfortable in providing the blowjob to the Private male escort then there are certain things that you should take care of it. You need to simply make sure that you go slow and then slowly, you should try to explore his body parts. You must kiss all his erogenous zones and he might be hinting somewhere, so enjoy the best sensual moments with each other.

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